The City of Greenville Water Department

The City of Greenville Water Department is responsible for billing and collections for approximately 13,000 customers.  The department is also responsible for water connections, transfers, disconnects, minor leaks, final readings and other water issues or emergencies pertinent to the department.  It is the desire of the department to serve the citizens of the the City of Greenville in a professional, efficient manner and provide the highest level of service possible in the day to day operations.
We are excited to move forward in the implementing of the pay-by -phone and online bill payment program along with the new meter reading system.  It is with great expectation, enthusiasm and an attitude of service to the community that we anticipate great things for the Water/Utility Department and the City of Greenville.

340 Main Street
P. O. Box 897
Greenville, MS 38702-0897

Other Payment Options


Pay In Person
Payments may be paid by cash, checks or money order at the Water Department located in City Hall (340 Main St.)

Drive Through
Open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Payments may be paid by cash, checks or money order.

Pay though the Mail
Mail your money order or check payment to:
City of Greenville – Water Department
P.O. Box 897
Greenville, MS 38702

Night Drop Box
We do offer a night drop box located at the drive-thru window at 340 Main Street. NO CASH PLEASE!

Other payment options, sucha as online payments, pay-by-phone, or debit card, are coming soon.


                                        Residential          Commercial

Deposit                               $80.00                   $125.00
Reconnect                          $25.00
Meter Plug                         $30.00
Meter Lock                        $30.00
Broken Lock                      $50.00
Meter Tampering             $50.00
Illegal Hookup                  $50.00
Meter Damage                  $300.00                 $500.00


Click to complete and print an Automatic Payment Form.


Jessie Whitley                      Manager                           (662) 378-1583                 

Mattie Thomas                                                                (662) 378-1588                         

Rita Milton                                                                       (662) 378-1585

Ella Reynolds                                                                  (662) 378-1581

Jacqueline Brown Haynes                                             (662) 378-1580

Felicia Wilkerson                                                            (662) 378-1588                          


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