City Council

Councilman Al Brock

Ward 1

Phone: 662-379-7776

Ward 1, Councilman-Elect Al Brock

William A. Brock, Jr. is married to Mitzi Beasley Brock. They are the parents of Coleman Beasley Brock and William Brock, III. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University where he received a B.S. in Agricultural Economics and Marketing. William is the owner of Al Brock Real Estate and Construction and Development firm. William A. Brock, Jr. was the Chairman of the Greater Greenville Housing Foundation from 2002-2013. He also served as President of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of numerous Chamber committees serving the longest term as Chairman of the Property Committee.


Councilwoman Lois Hawkins

Ward 2

Phone: (662) 822-2201

Ward: 2
Spouse’s Name: Coach John Hawkins
Family members: Councilwoman Hawkins has four (4) children, two boys and two girls. They are Valerie, Roddy, Mekevia, and Ricky Hawkins and she also has seven grandchildren.
Church: She is a member of New Hope First Baptist Church where she is a Sunday School teacher, Usher’s Ministry Treasure, Co-chair of the church’s Renovation and Family Life Center Committee and serves as a member of the Church’s Scholarship Committee
Profession: Mrs. Hawkins was a teacher for 28 years in the Lakeside Public School District.   Later she decided to continue her teaching career and began to teach for the Greenville Public School District where she taught for another 8 years before retiring.
Community Organizations: She is active in a variety of community service organizations, including:

  • She’s the President of the 20th Century Temple #652 Daughters of Elks

  • Training Officer for Company a Antlered Guard (ELKS)

  • Vice-President of the Greenville Travel Club

  • Secretary of Help Keep Greenville Beautiful Committee

  • Member of Friends of the Blue’s Festival

  • The Chairperson of  Ward 2, Clean-up Committee

  • She’s a Volunteer for the March of Dimes Telethon

  • Member of Retired Teachers Association

  • Lifetime Member of NEA,MEA,AEA and a Member of MVSU Alumni

What goals do you want the city to accomplish this year?  Her goals for this year are:

  • Create opportunities to meet and listen more to the residents of Greenville

  • Expand opportunities for the youth

  • Establish a closer relationship with our schools and school board

  • Restore education as a central focus

  • Favorite thing to do in Greenville:  Her favorite things to do in Greenville are eat out and attend local sporting events

What makes your ward special?  Ward 2 is a very special ward because it covers Northeast Greenville and houses one of the largest employers in Washington County – Delta Regional Medical Center.  Ward 2 also has four of our local elementary schools – Fulwiler, Manning and Trigg Elementary, and Coleman Middle School.  Last but not least Ward 2 has a number of industrial sites within its area.


Ward 3

Phone: (662) 379-3331

City Councilman Bill Boykin 


Lurann Thomas 

Ward 4


Phone: (662) 820-6889




Tasha Bailey

 Ward 5    (662) 820-6938

1252 Longview Drive

Greenville, MS  38701 


Ward 6

Phone: 662-820-3362

James Wilson, Sr. is a native of Hollandale, Mississippi, where he was a 1974, graduate of Simmons High School. He has been a businessman for more than four decades in Washington County. He owned and operated C & W Dry Cleaners in Hollandale as well as Wilson Service Station in Greenville. He later opened C & W Auto Sales and C & W Salvage that are still in operation in Greenville. James is interested in developing partnerships with stakeholders that will improve economic development and quality of living for individuals and businesses. He is a generous contributor to education, community involvement endeavors, the Salvation Army and Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. James is concerned about Greenville being a productive

community where individuals and businesses can strive and is ready to serve Ward 6 and the City of Greenville as councilman. James invites his constituents to reach out to him with any concerns they may have. He is an active member of Mount Ararat Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville where he serves as a deacon, transportation supervisor, and former Sunday school superintendent. James is the proud father of four children and twelve grandchildren.


James Wilson