Boards And Commissions

The City of Greenville is governed by a City Council and Mayor. This governing board is responsible for deciding on the city’s policies and procedures by passing Resolutions, City Ordinances and the City Charter, all of which are implemented by the various City Departments. All meetings are public and are held in the City Council Chambers and  broadcast live on Channel 12.

The City Council appoints all commissioners and board members on a rotation, with the exception of the School Board.


CRIME TASK FORCE (Voluntary) Established January 2012
Meets as needed

Created by City Council in January 2012 to identify what current crime fighting procedures are effective and what is not effective and what can be done to better fight crime. Identifying problems is vital in order to create solutions. The ultimate goal of this task force is producing a plan of action that sends a clear message to criminals and the rest of the community that Greenville is serious about fighting crime.

Dewayne Richardson, District Attorney
Ashley Hines, Circuit Court Judge
Margaret Carey McCray, Circuit Court Judge
Mike Prewitt, Municipal Court Judge
Freddie Cannon, Greenville Police Department, Chief
Milton Gaston, Washington County, Sherriff
Vernita King Johnson, Youth Court Judge
Eric Hawkins, City and County Prosecutor
Dr. Lesson Taylor, Greenville Public School District, Superintendent
Paul Artman, St. Joseph Schools, Principal
Rodney Brown, Washington School, Headmaster
William Ray, Greenville Christian Schools, Headmaster
Larry Green, Western Line, Superintendent
Pat Davenport, Our House, Executive Director
Osbourne Mills, Salvation Army, Major
Mary E. Utley-Mills, Salvation Army, Captain
Audine Haynes, Drug Task Force
John Marshall, Crime Stoppers, Board Member
Cynthia McMillian, 180 Degree Program
Rev. Bob Pitts, Mission Mississippi
Council Member or his/her representative


Economic Development District

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT (4 Year Terms) Chairman: David Bush

Meets monthly on the third Wednesday (~1:30 Convention &Visitor’s Bureau)


Three (3) members from city, in addition, the County appoints five (5), Leland, Hollandale, Metcalfe and Arcola one (1).


Formed as an arm of Washington County government pursuant to MCA § 19-5-99. This board unifies economic development efforts in Washington County. This effort is further strengthened through public, private, and individual community membership.


Members: Date Appointed Nominated by Term Expires

Al Rankins 07/17/2012 Betty Watkins 07/31/2016

Eddie Brown 08/18/2014 Errick Simmons 01/01/2018

John L. Hinkle 09/04/2012 Ann Hollowell 07/31/2016


Next Council Rotation: Mayor, Brock, Hawkins, Weathers, Watkins, Hollowell, Wilson


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT (3 Year Terms)      Chairman: Parker England

Meets once per quarter                  ​                            ​​    

One (1) member from the city, in addition, the County appoints five (5), Leland, Hollandale, Metcalfe and Arcola one (1), and one (1) by the Industrial Foundation to form the eleven (11) member Board. (Amended its By-laws 12/2016)


Formed as an arm of Washington County government pursuant to MCA § 19-5-99. This board unifies economic development efforts in Washington County.  This effort is further strengthened through public, private, and individual community membership.


Members:​Date Appointed​Nominated by​Term Expires

Drew Newsom​06/20/2017​Mayor Simmons​07/31/2019


Next Council Rotation:  Brock, Hawkins, Weathers, Watkins, Hollowell, Wilson, Mayor




ELECTRICAL BOARD (3 Year Terms) – Meets as needed, but not less than twice yearly – Five (5) MembersThis board was created in order to protect the general public health and safety by providing for the licensing of electricians, supervision and inspection of electrical installations and enforcement of minimum standards through the electrical code.


Members:      Randy Blackburn          Marty Childs           Bobby Dickerson           Bill Scott              Joe Wiley


Historic Preservation Commission

Meets monthly on the 2ndTuesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Of Supervisors Room at the County Courthouse
Five (5) Members
Commission aims to preserve, enhance and perpetuate those aspects of the city having historical, cultural, architectural and archaeological merit.


Members:                    Date Appointed                       Nominated by                          Term Expires
Nettie Seard                02/05/2013                             Errick Simmons                      02/01/2016
Cary Karlson               12/04/2012                             Mayor Cox                                02/01/2015
Barry Piltz                   02/07/2012                             Carolyn Weathers                    02/01/2015
Jessie Williams          02/07/2012                             Betty Watkins                           02/01/2015
Rebecca Goodman     02/07/2012                             Ann Hollowell                           02/01/2015

Next Council Rotation:  Benson, Hawkins, Weathers, Watkins, Hollowell, Simmons, Mayor

Visit the Commission’s website at




Library Board

LIBRARY BOARD (5 Year Terms)                      Kaye Clanton, Librarian
Unspecified meeting schedule
Five (5) Members
Committee charged to supervise, care and have custody of all property of the library, including the rooms or buildings constructed, leased or set apart therefore; employ a librarian, submit yearly budget, control finances, accept such gifts of money or property for library purposes, purchase books, periodicals, maps, and supplies and all other acts necessary for the orderly and efficient management and control of the library.

Members:                           Date Appointed                    Nominated by                  Term Expires
Kim Hodges                        02/05/2013                            Lois Hawkins                01/01/2018
Leonia Dorsey                     01/18/2011                           Mayor Hudson              01/01/2016
Estelle Pryor                       12/06/2011                           Kenneth Gines               01/01/2017
Josephine Thompson         01/05/2010                           Errick Simmons           01/01/2015

Next Council Rotation:  Weathers, Watkins, Hollowell, Simmons, Mayor, Benson, Hawkins


Meets monthly on the second Wednesday
Five (5) Members
All rights, powers, duties and obligations of this commission are conferred by state law and shall conform thereto in the performance of its duties in operation a municipal parks and recreation system.

Members:                       Date Appointed                        Nominated by                       Term Expires
James Harris                  01/05/2010                         Errick Simmons                       01/01/2015
Claude Courtney             05/03/2011                          Mayor McTeer                         01/01/2016
Jackie Thompson           12/06/2011                          Kenneth Gines                         01/01/2017
John Hawkins                 11/20/2012           Betty Watkins for Lois Hawkins           01/01/2018
William Brozovich          01/06/2009                           Ann Hollowell                         01/01/2019

Next Council Rotation:  Watkins, Hollowell, Simmons, Mayor, Benson, Hawkins, Weathers


Planning Commission

PLANNING COMMISSION (3 Year Terms) - Meets monthly on the fourth Thursday – Seven (7) Members

This commission serves to make adequate provision for the preparation, adoption and revision of a plan to guide, direct and control the future growth and development of the City of Greenville and the urban area surrounding the corporate limits of the city in an orderly, efficient, healthful and economic manner.

Members:                                   Date Appointed                Nominated by                                Term Expires

Frank Jackson                           09/02/2014                      Councilwoman Watkins                04/01/2017

Jimmy Ford                                03/20/2012                     Councilwoman Watkins                04/01/2015

Robert Fratesi                            03/20/2012                     Councilwoman Hollowell              04/01/2015

Sherman Harris                         03/04/2014                     Councilman Benson                      04/01/2017

Albert Shoffner, Jr                    03/20/2012                       Councilman Simmons                  04/01/2015

Willie Sullivan                            03/04/2014                      Councilwoman Hawkins               04/01/2017

Jimmy Williams                         03/04/2014                      Councilwoman Weathers             04/01/2017

Next Council Rotation: Hollowell, Simmons, Mayor, Benson, Hawkins, Weathers, Watkins,

To view the ordinances governing the planning commission click for a digital copy.


Plumbing/Mechanical Board

Unspecified meeting schedule
Seven (7) Members
This board serves to provide for the licensing of plumbers, supervision and inspection of plumbing and gas piping installations, and enforcement of minimum standards through the plumbing and gas codes throughout the city and surrounding urban area.
James Carr                               J.K.Fulton                                         John Haynes
James Palmer                          Willie Sullivan                                  Ronnie Sweet


Port Commission

Meets monthly on the third Wednesday
Five (5) members (2 City and 3 County)
This commission has jurisdiction over the port, terminals, harbors, and passes leading thereto, and all vessels, boats and wharves, common carriers, and public utilities therein, using the same, within their counties.

Members:                   Date Appointed                Nominated by            Term Expires
Charlie Bevil (City)        3/15/2011                           Carl McGee                    04/01/2015
Phield Parish, III (City)   3/15/2011                          Carolyn Weathers           04/01/2015
County Representatives:  Thomas R. Gordon, David Stokes and Joseph Wiley

Next Council Rotation:    Watkins, Hollowell, Simmons, Mayor, Benson, Hawkins, Weathers


School Board

School Board Application

SCHOOL BOARD (5 Year Terms) – Meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month -Five (5) members- The School Board administers policies for the Greenville Public School District.

Members:                                       Date Appointed                                Term Expires

Kimberly Merchant                        02/19/2013                                     02/28/2018

Shirley Cartlidge                            10/07/2014                                     02/28/2016

Betsy Alexander                             02/21/2012                                     02/28/2017

Loretta Shannon                            02/16/2010                                     02/28/2020

Jan Vaughn                                     02/18/2014                                     02/28/2019

See Ordinance # 12-003 of 02/21/2012 for appointment criteria.


Tree Board

TREE BOARD (Staggered Terms to 3 Years)
Meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 5:15 pm at Buster Brown Community Center
Seven (7) Members

President: David Lee (662) 347-7756
Vice President: Kathy Jeanne Bowman (662) 820-9093

The Tree Board studies, investigates, counsels, and develops and/or updates annually and administers a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets, and in other public areas.

Kathy Jeanine Bowman             McClain Bowman                           Ann Jones
David Lee                                  Julie Mosow                                  Vance Nimrod
Mac Skelton                              Juanita Turney                              Charlene Loughran

Brad Jones, Public Works Director